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Xintong (Shantelle) Liu





Hi there, I am Xintong Liu. I am a User Experience & User Interface Designer creating minimalist, user-centric, and pixel-perfect design to tell the story of a brand. I am currently working at Zoom as an UX Designer.


My unique background in journalism equips me with endless curiosity to ask the right questions revealing the “why” behind user behaviors. My four years of experience in visual design allow me to understand how to make a user experience functional while visually appealing. I always believe in evidence-based design, which is why I listen closely to users’ needs and frustrations and optimize designs for better interaction.


In previous professional endeavors, I have leveraged my design skills for a variety of companies in different industries, from leading tech companies like Apple and Microsoft, to governmental agencies and start-ups. With a master’s degree in Digital Media at the University of Washington where my courses were primarily focused on UX design and visual communication, I have developed a solid foundation in human-centered design methods and processes. Driven by my passion for design, I’m still learning every single day to ensure I can deliver the most modern and effective solutions.


When I am not working on design, I enjoy traveling internationally, playing with my two adorable bunnies, and exploring new cuisines in the kitchen.


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to connect with me for any full-time opportunities or just a friendly hello through LinkedIn or email.

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